The Blue Flag Program is working towards Sustainable Development Goals! Our work touches upon all goals, especially the 14th, Life Below Water. Some of the goals that are being contributed by the Blue Flag in award winning fields are;

-increasing employment of lifeguards and cleaning staff (Goal 1-No Poverty)

-first aid and life-saving opportunities (Goal 3-Good Health and Well-Being)

-environmental education on the coasts (Goal 4-Quality Education)

-clean and sanitary facilities for everyone (Goal 6-Clean Water and Sanitation)

-strengthening the infrastructures on the coasts (Goal 9-Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure)

-opportunities for the handicapped people (Goal 10-Reduced Inequalities)

-protection of the ecosystem and biological diversity behind the beach (Goal 15-Life on Land)

-public, private sector, NGO collaborations and public participation in award winning fields (Goal 17-Partnerships for the Goals)

To see further which details and goals that we contribute on our work, you can visit our international website

The International Foundation for Environmental Education-FEE, to which our foundation is affiliated as a full member, won the Best Non-Profit Organization Award at SDG Technology Awards ceremony for technology and sustainable development goals in Copenhagen in 2019, thanks to its work with its 77 member countries!