In accordance with the Blue Flag criteria, at least one Blue Flag beach in the locality must have facilities (i.e. a toilet and access ramp) for people with disabilites (i). According to criteria:

  • There must be a ramp from the toilets to the beach and a convenient passageway for chairs of disabled people.
  • On or close to the beach, there must be a toilet designed to be used by disabled people.

In addition to this mandatory criteria, our Foundation recommends that the following facilities be provided, if geographical conditions of the beach are suitable (some beaches are not suitable for people with disabilities due to rocky structure and high slope):

  • Ensuring sea access (lounge chair for the disabled to be used on sand and in sea, lift from for the disabled, ramp into the sea, special chairs and umbrellas for the disabled on the beach
  • Special parking lot for people with disabilities
  • Direction signs for all these facilities


Although it is not obligatory to have facilities for disabled people in the marinas due to the Blue Flag criteria, our Foundation strongly recommends that the following facilities be kept in marinas;

  • Access to and access to the marina (including access to the pier)
  • Private car parking

 Sanitary facilities for the disabled Other facilities for disabled people in the marina may include:

  • Yachting facilities for the disabled
  • Arrangements for convenient access to the marina office, shops and restaurants
  • Access to other activities at the marina Access and facilities for people with disabilities must comply with all national and international regulations / standards. Toilets should be arranged in a way that the wheelchair can be accessed and other disabled people can use.