Materials to be used in environmental education:


Blue Flag Coloring Book Set

Blue Flag Memory Games (big and small size with bag)


1. BLUE FLAG COLORING BOOK SET: Brochure for Blue Flag beach criteria and coloring book set for primary school children to be used in environmental education activities for beaches were prepared with contribution of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in 2016 summer season. The set includes cloth bag, coloring pens, hand brochure and adhesive coloring book describing the criteria for children. There is a corporate logo on each title within the set.

There is a logo of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on currently available material. It is possible to change the logo for another corporate one, you are required to make the change under the coordination of our Foundation (without distorting the shape and design of the material). Below you may see the contents of the material set.



2. BLUE FLAG MEMORY GAME: Blue Flag memory game is designed for children to be used in environmental education activities for beaches. The game consists of the visuals of the Beach Blue Flag criteria and was designed in 2017 by TÜRÇEV. It is also made of large sizes with durable bags for adult people to play on beaches and outdoors.

Below you may see the images of large and small size games.


     SMALL MEMORY GAME SIZE: 5cmx5cm                                             BIG SIZE MEMORY GAME SIZE: 25cmx25cm

Hotels, municipalities or beach operators who want to use Flag Memory Game in their environmental education activities should fill out the following request form and contact our Foundation.