The Criteria and Code of Conduct for Blue Flag


  • The boat must have a registration license and its copy must be submitted in the application file
  • There must be a standard Blue Flag Panel present in a convenient and visible place on the boat, covering information about the Blue Flag criteria, code of conduct on the boat and people in charge at local and national level (the panel will be sent by TURCEV in case the boat is entitled to the award)
  • A duplex copy of the Blue Card must be submitted in the application file
  • Boat owner and/or staff must have actively participated in at least one of the environment training activities held in marinas. A copy of the participation certificate must



Code of Conduct

  • Observing the speed limit in the bays (maximum 3 knots)
  • Displaying sensitivity against noise pollution when anchored in the bays
  • No garbage disposal to the sea and the coastal areas
  • Not discharging toxic waste (oil, paint, used battery, cleaning materials etc) into the sea
  • Providing separation facilities for recycling waste materials such as glass, plastic, metal etc.
  • Ensuring that waste vegetative oil is regularly collected and disposed of by a licensed company
  • Preferring environment-friendly products for the material like paint anti-fouling, paint remover etc.
  • Using clean water only for cleaning the boat
  • Informing authorities immediately in case of pollution or violation of any of the environmental rules
  • Observing the fishing season and complying with the prohibitions in the fishing zones, avoiding using banned fishing methods
  • Protecting marine animals and plants, being careful to marine birds’ breeding zones
  • Being careful for hazardous and natural preservation sites
  • Not causing damage in the seabed while anchoring
  • Avoiding disturbance in areas designated for fishing or fishing-related equipment
  • Not buying or using items made of endangered/protected species or underwater archaeological remains
  • Keeping the boat’s restroom and kitchen units clean and well-maintained
  • Encouraging other boat people also to care about the environment